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Women’s Health explained in simple terms This category has information about diseases which can affect a woman's health.

Men’s Health

Men are notoriously apathetic towards healthcare, but a little time spent reading through our guide will go a long way towards knowing what danger signals you should be on the lookout for.

Fit for life

Find out what healthy eating and physical activity are all about and discover the healthy eating and physical activity-related activities going on in your local area.

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The Internet means that we all have more information than ever available to help us understand about our health and to support health-related decisions we make. Links to other Internet resources have been included where possible, including those which will be used by your own doctor to guide their practice.

Facelift price uk
Byourdocs.co.uk Dec 6, 2019

Facelift cost in the UK

Facelift is one of the most common and popular surgeries. The demand for this procedure is extremely high for its effect. Your face is the first

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What You Need To Know Before Going Under The Knife

For some people, cosmetic surgery is considered a modern medical miracle. A person can get whatever look they desire, simply by paying a surgeon

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The Ins And Outs Of Changing Your Body

Plastic surgery isn’t necessarily a luxury, nor is it only for those who are vain. People who have permanent scarring from accidents or injurie

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Healthy eating

Getting started on eating healthily can be challenging, but making some simple changes can make a world of difference to our health! Here you

Byourdocs.co.uk Oct 23, 2019

Cutting down on fat

Reduce the amount of fat in your diet by grilling instead of frying. If you have to fry, use a spray oil (instead of a pouring oil or a solid fat

Byourdocs.co.uk Oct 23, 2019

How healthy are you?

Healthy living isn’t just about eating the right food in the right quantities or about getting the right amount of physical activity. For g