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Facelift cost in the UK

Facelift is one of the most common and popular surgeries. The demand for this procedure is extremely high for its effect. Your face is the first thing people notice and it is also the way to communicate, based on facial expressions.

Our tip: Prices in the UK are much higher, almost 70% higher than abroad. In the total price of the facelift, £1,830 are no additional charges. The package includes not only the surgery itself and general medical treatment but also consultation, aftercare, PSI imaging and 24/7 support.

People start considering the facial surgery when they first see the first wrinkles and want to slow down the ageing process. The first signs of ageing start to appear around 40 years of age and when the cosmetic products are not enough to keep your skin young and fresh its time to consider facial enhancements. There is a variety of facial rejuvenation, from the less to more invasive, from temporal to permanent. If you are thinking of permanent improvement the facelift is the best choice.

Compering the prices of facelift  in UK and ABROAD

It is important to consider different factors when considering facelift surgery. You want to make sure that the result will be the best as possible and you are in the safest hands and also not to put yourself in the dept situation. The prices can vary and that is one of the reasons people choose the clinic abroad. Many clinics offers attractive affordable prices for various surgeries with the facelift on top of it. The prices are much lower, however, the board-certified surgeons are extremely skilled and professional and they have to follow high standards as members of the Medical Chamber. They do perform surgeries on the daily bases and their skills and techniques are always upgrading.

The prices ofter don’t even include consultation, preoperation test and aftercare. The appointments and check-ups usually take long to be booked and medications at a high price as well unlike at our clinic. The prices can be even more attractive when combining the surgeries into one stay. We do take into consideration what surgeries can be combined and how long can a client be under general anaesthetic, based on the strict regulation.

Prices across the EuropePRICES ACROSS THE EUROPE

The prices of the procedures across Europe might look quite similar, however, it is always important to make sure there are no hidden charges and what you will actually get for its cost. Before committing yourself and booking the chosen clinic you should have all the information what the total price includes. You don’t want to be surprised when comes to the payment.